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Wallet Run

A simple runner using an XBox Kinect for player control

While working with M&C Saatchi, I worked on this short game installation for Commonwealth Bank.
Wallet Run used an XBox Kinect sensor give the player control over an animated wallet, chasing its owner down a sidewalk. This narrative was supporting a TV spot advertising the bank's new 'Cardless Cash' feature.


The game was created using Unity3D, my role in the project was the main game developer. I designed and assembled the street using pre-made assets and managed artists to create specific assets that were required.

Wallet Run 3

One challenging aspect in particular involved designing a system that positioned the obstacles differently each game that had a similar difficulty curve each time.

I created a number of obstacle collections, each item in a collection contained a run of obstacles that could be placed when generating the level. The level generator would randomly pick a number of obstacle sets out of the 'easy', 'medium' and 'difficult' obstacle collections. Placing the runs of obstacles on the sidewalk, avoiding each traffic intersection.

Wallet Run 1
Wallet Run 2
Wallet Run 3
Wallet Run 4
Wallet Run 5
Wallet Run 6
Wallet Run 7
Wallet Run 8