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He started building and coding lego robots when he was 12, competing in Robocup Junior at an international level. He created and published his first iOS application in 2010 and has been creating apps ever since. He completed a Bachelor of Computer Science and Digital Media in 2013.
He loves all avenues of technology and tries to involve himself in as many collaborative projects that he can. He has a history developing apps for iOS and contributes as much UI design input as possible, if not all.
    He loves playing, designing and making video games. His dream is to one day direct his own team of developers, exchanging ideas and building revolutionary and fun video games that many people can understand and enjoy.
    He thinks user interface and experience is often the most important part of software applications. He believes humans haven't even begun to reach their potential interfacing computers and technology. In order of expertise, he has experience in iOS development, Objective-C, Photoshop, HTML, CSS, javascript, Node.js, Unity, C++, C, Maya, PHP, java, Final Cut Pro, Pro Tools.